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Alright, all that ever plan on maxing the game out, please PAY ATTENTION TO THIS POST!!!

EA is shutting down the servers for this game on August 11th at an unknown time of day. I will not be back from my vacation and able to boost until this Sunday, the 7th. From Sunday until Thursday, I will be on this game non-stop, from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. I currently have no online achievements for this game, and I am looking for a squad/partner to boost with until then. I need somebody who plans on getting all of the achievements for online, it shouldn't take too long, considering I am using the 3-minute match plan, to get about 150 games in everyday. I plan on getting all of the multiplier and killstreak and kill-related achievements on day one, and the victories and match participations will unlock through the course of the week. If anybody is interested in this plan, please message me; gamerscorhunta; anytime this week so that we can solidify an actual strategy on this. I need somebody to be able to play everyday, from Sunday to Thursday.

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