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[101] What in the world is this game about?
Maturity, relationships, fidelity, commitment, love, and sheep. It's an action/adventure/puzzle/horror game from Atlus, made by the same development team that has done Persona. The game is split up into 3 main parts: the action gameplay, where you have to shift blocks around to make a path to the top of a tower. The cutscenes, both animated and in-game engine, which is the primary story-telling mechanic. And the exploration in the Stray Sheep (a bar the main character hangs out in), where you can talk to people, play mini-games, or text your girlfriend (either one!).

[102] I've heard it's impossibly that true?
When the game was released in Japan, a lot of people thought so. They released a patch later to try to fix it, but it still wasn't perfect. With the North American release, Atlus had the time to really reconstruct a lot of the areas that were just too difficult, as well as 'baking in' the patch to make it easier. As a result, Very Easy, Easy and Normal are very manageable, whereas Hard has remained untouched (a true test of skill!). So the answer is -- they've done a great job making it exactly as hard as you want it to be, whether you just want to see the story (Very Easy mode) or you are a master of blocks (Hard).

[103] Thinking of buying this, but does climbing blocks get boring after a while?
That's the action portion of the gameplay, yes, but there's a lot more to this game. If you're intrigued but unsure, you should definitely download the demo, which is free for both Xbox and PS3, to get a taste of what it's all about. Be reminded that the game does a good job of keeping the block based puzzles feeling fresh and dynamic as you progress in the game while introducing new elements to the gameplay. If you are truly interested in Catherine you can download the demo by clicking HERE.

[104] Are there any differences between the NA version and the Japanese version?
When Catherine was localized for North America, there were bound to be some changes from the original content. Things like the changes to the Difficulties were well-publicized, but here is a list of more obscure changes that occurred. For a list of all the differences click HERE.

[105] Does this game contain nudity?
The game does not contain as much nudity as the "suggestive" trailers and box-art lead you to believe. Frankly, the game doesn't contain any blatant account of nudity. The player is sent text messages of suggestive photos throughout the game but apparently reveal no nudity, a teaser if you will. It could be that some of it was removed once it got imported from Japan. There is however a degree of nudity in one of the Endings for the game featuring Vincent and his succubus lapdogs.

[106] What is Law and Chaos? Which color belongs to which?
Law and Chaos are the 2 alignments in Catherine that the player has the given choice of following based on the decisions they make. Law is represented by the blue colored side on the right of the karma meter. Chaos is represented by the red colored side on the left of the karma meter.

[201] How long is this game, what difficulty should I start on?
The game's length depends a lot on how good you are with the puzzles, and how much you explore and talk during events. It takes most people between 8-15 hours for their first playthrough. It's recommended that any person starting the game begins on 'Easy' to grasp the gameplay first. If it's too hard, you can drop down to Very Easy, and if it's too easy, you can raise it to Normal or Hard. You are able to change difficulty at any point during the Stray Sheep segments of the game.

[202] What is the difference between all the difficulties?
Easy, Normal and Hard have different block layouts. A Mystic Pillow gives you different amounts of retries on each difficulty (3 on Easy, 2 on Normal, 1 on Hard). Easy has a score multiplier of 2, making it easier to get Golds...Normal has 1.5, and Hard has 1 (no multiplier), meaning you have to really nail it to get a Gold. On every difficulty but 'Hard', you have the ability to rewind your turn up to 10 times at once.

[203] What is 'Very Easy' difficulty? I don't see it on the menu.
Very Easy is the same as easy, only there's a high chance of a Power Drink coming out of every block you move. This drink allows you to jump up 3 blocks for a limited time, which makes tricky parts a lot easier. You have to specially activate it, by holding down on the main menu (highlighting 'Golden Playhouse' -- not the Difficulty select screen). After about 5 seconds, a chime will sound and the screen with flash with the message Very Easy has been activated. Just start a game on 'Easy', and it will be Very Easy. You can deactivate the mode the same way.

[204] Is there any New Game +?
Not strictly speaking, but some data carries over between all new games. All your Rapunzel progress, Jukebox song unlocks, and level trophies (for the difficulty you beat) will carry over, as well as your game running time. Also, if you play on the same difficulty, you can skip any Nightmare Stage you've previously gotten a Gold trophy on.

[205] How do I get more jukebox songs?
Each song is linked to 1 achievement, so there are 50 unlockable songs in all. Maybe sure to keep checking back whenever you get a new one.

[206] People keep leaving the Stray Sheep before I can talk to them!
They each have their own schedules, and talking to people advances's impossible to see every scrap of text in a single playthrough, so you have to prioritize who you want to talk to each night. There is a guide to people's schedules from Day 2 on HERE.

[207] What events make time move forward at the Stray Sheep? What events don't?
The set actions that never take any are: playing the jukebox, playing Rapunzel, using your phone, talking to Erica, watching the TV, washing your face, and drinking. Talking with your friends (Orlando, Jonny, Toby) takes time, but it takes 2-4 conversation to move time ahead. Speaking to everyone else results in time moving forward once per conversation.

[208] Is there any downside to drinking?
Nope. There is only an upside: you move faster in the Nightmares. So make sure to get plastered every night!

[209] How many levels does Rapunzel have?
64 in the main mode (worth 1 achievement), and 64 in the extra mode (2 more achievements), so 128 all together.

[210] I'm completely stuck on level _____. Help.
Video guides for the Nightmare stages are incredibly helpful, because you end up learning lots of new techniques you may have not been using before. Keep in mind the layouts of the levels change with the difficulty, so make sure you're viewing the guide for the proper one. If you're trying not to use video guides, just keep in mind any techniques you've learned on the landings, and think about buying an item from the Merchant Sheep - it will lower your score, but it might be just what you need to beat the level. For a video walkthrough for gold prizing each stage, click HERE.

[211] How do I save my game?
There are 2 ways to save your progress in Golden Playhouse. There's your cellphone which can be pulled up by pressing and going to DIARY. Or you can use the sign-in logs at each Landing during Nightmare segments by walking up them and hitting . You can hold up to 10 save slots.

[212] How do I skip a stage or cut scene?
Press . There will be an option to skip at the pause menu, select it to skip the Stage or scene. This feature is only available for Stages you have won gold prizes on. Difficulty setting applies.

[213] When I skip a stage does it also skip over the Landings and Confessional segments?
No. There will be a loading screen and you will be sent to that Stages Landing just as if you completed the Stage manually.

[214] Is there anywhere I can view the cut scenes when I want?
No. Catherine has no gallery mode where you can view artwork, endings, cut scenes, or anything of the sort. However, if you just want to play Catherine for the story and scenes for a future playthrough, try getting gold prizes on all the Stages so that you can skip the Stages and watch the scenes as if it were a movie.

[215] How can I get more "retries"?
There are pillow pickups throughout the Stages. Picking these up gives you more retires but the number varies based on difficulty. Retries really should not be an issue on Easy difficulty and as for Normal, there are time's where you can continually pick up pillows after retying from each checkpoint adding 2 retries each go round. With the re-challenge feature on your cell phone(which grants infinite continues) retries become pretty useless as your progress further into the game.

[216] Why are there other Sheep around while I'm trying to climb some puzzles?
Those are other sheep trying to survive just like you. Some are trying to climb to the top while others can get in your way so you will have to be assertive at times and push through them. On the higher difficulties other sheep may even attack you so be careful.

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