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[217] I shimmy around a block and get confused with my sense of direction, what's going

When using the spider technique around a block you have to visualize what's left from right from your point of view, not Vincent's. If you can't see Vincent then it's important to pan your camera around to try and get a view of him. Controls tend to become inverted as you spider around blocks.

[218] What purpose does the Bathroom serve at the Stray Sheep?

The bathroom is the only place Vincent can go to view photos sent to him by Catherine. Washing your face also triggers foreshadowing type scenes of your next Boss(in the mirror) when you go to sleep that night.

[219] What's the deal with the spike blocks? I keep getting killed!

It is vital that you are pro-active when dealing with spike blocks. This becomes especially important in Hard mode. Spike blocks are easy enough to point out as they have blood on them, so to keep yourself from being skewered be sure to dangle from the edge of one immediately upon stepping on one. To dangle more easily simply hold the d-pad in the direction you wish to dangle from as you step onto a spike block. If you're trying to move forward while stepping on spike blocks then don't lose your pace because stopping for even a second on these blocks means the end. Once they have deployed their spikes they no longer pose a threat. You can even walk right back over them while the spikes are still deployed once they miss you.

[220] I hate____ blocks! What do I do?
It's all about adjusting to the situation of when and where specific block types appear. This is particularly difficult for the Stage 9 Stages with monster blocks.

Cracked Blocks: Can be very annoying, especially on Babel stages. Make it a priority to pull a non cracked block over one to provide more sturdy footing. Stepping on a cracked block twice will cause it to crumble so it's best to deal with these as soon as possible.

Spike Blocks: These are easy to avoid getting punctured once you're used to it. Just keep moving! If you have nowhere else to go then immediately dangle from one by holding the d-pad in any direction that has no block supporting it below.

Ice Blocks: Ice blocks will get you killed if you're not thinking. Remember you need to shimmy up to one before pulling a block that's on top in front of one. If there is a row of these that you're using for support be sure to shimmy around them at all times before proceeding to pull anything. Don't get too ahead of yourself and you'll be fine. There are time's when you may be lucky enough to have normal blocks divided in between ice blocks to help prevent you from slipping off of edges.

Bomb Blocks: Only step on these if you really have to and even if you are, plan ahead. You don't want to have these completely ruining everything you work so hard to build. So make sure you are already moving up by the time you ignite these unless you're doing controlled demolition.

Monster Blocks: These can make life very difficult for you. Let it be noted that these can be pulled and pushed at anytime, the only time they are offensive is when you shimmy around their mouths which is where they will lick you causing you to fall. Taking a simple step onto the top of these will deactivate them but they also move on their own at times. Don't feel bad about restarting or undoing if you have to sometimes these move arbitrarily ruining integral parts of stages. These become a bigger issue when playing the Stage 9 phases on higher difficulties. Learn to move quickly and get passed these as soon as possible to avoid having them ruining any path you have created.

Random Blocks: Simply stepping on these causes them to transform to any of the blocks mentioned above. Learn to treat these as if every single one will turn into a spike block because if you get unlucky enough it will change into one skewering you within an instant. Another scary possibility is a random shifting into an Ice Block so be sure to hang from the outside and not the sides to ensure your chance of staying alive when running across one. If it's a false alarm and you get a normal block then you're good to go.

Vortex Blocks: Keep away from these at all costs! These are pretty easy to spot as they contain a purple whirl at the top of them waiting to suck anything in. Warp Blocks will also swallow any other block that lands on top of it so plan your moves carefully. If you ever spot one of these your best bet is to push these off any surface and let it fall below to avoid problems.

[221] The camera keeps getting me killed during Boss Stages, help?
Just slow down. There's not much you can do during the cinematic portions when you're trying to escape a Boss but to watch it. You are still free to move but it's best to slow your pace and wait for the camera to focus back on you to avoid messing up or even death.

[222] Where are all the rosaries for Rapunzel? I can't seem to find them.
There are 8 total hidden rosaries out of the 128 Stages of Rapunzel which means 4 for the 64 Normal Stages and 4 for the 64 Extra Stages. The rosaries appear in the same stage numbers as well: 52, 56, 60 and 64 for both modes. For the Extra Stages you will need to pick up the magic lamp in order for the rosary to appear. Interestingly, rosaries can still be picked up in the Extra Stages even without collecting the lamp, they will just be invisible.

[223] Will my gold prizes still be intact if my game saves get deleted?

This has not yet been tested. So it's safer to not tinker with your save data to avoid losing everything. A memory card helps too.

[224] How do I replay the Stages?
At any point during Golden Playhouse, you have the ability to replay stages that you have completed by pulling up your phone and going to AWARDS. From here you can re-challenge the Nightmare Stages for the gold prizes. You won't be able to re-challenge Stage 9 until you have beaten the game and started a New Game under the same difficulty you beat the game on. You can then re-challenge Stage 9 once you gain access to your cell phone on the 1st Day at the Stray Sheep.

[225] I can't seem to tell the time at the Stray Sheep for when patrons come in. Where's
the clock?

There is no clock. The schedules presented in the Wiki allow the player to fathom just who appears at the Stray Sheep sooner or later than whom.

[226] I'm stuck on a Normal/Hard difficulty puzzle. Is it possible to simply replicate a video walkthrough to get it done?
Yes, but replicating Hard videos can be much more problematic especially for Stages 9-5 and 9-6 where things get a bit random and luck based. It is in no way impossible to replicate Stage 9-5 and 9-6 however it will take some adjusting to as some areas can get very heated plus monster blocks will not always move the same way as you see in a video walkthrough of the stages. It basically comes down to luck and the players ability to improvise if everything doesn't go the same as the video. Don't give up, just keep trying.

[227] The final two spheres for Stage 9(9-5, 9-6) on Hard are impossible! What do I do about the randomness?
Stage 9-5 on Hard requires the player to manipulate exactly when and where they need a certain block type to change during certain areas of the stage. Thomas Mutton will shift the types of certain blocks every so often however there is a distinct patter. It is up to the player to time themselves when they approach certain areas to get the block they want. Primarily stay away from bomb blocks and try to wait for Thomas to change them again if you're in an area that requires stable foundation. When Mutton is aiming with revolver, try to bait his attacks so they don't destroy a block you need. Stand in front of an empty space (or a useless block) until he locks on, and then move out of the way. It becomes easy to distinguish between his main attacks as you play, so learn to read his boot attack, and make sure you're out of his way when he executes it.

Stage 9-6 is arguably easier than 9-5 but you may need to get lucky on some spots. If you haven't noticed, half way into the Stage Damuzid will yell out "Curse!" and cast a spell on you that will cause a purple flare to surround Vincent. Once this is happens every time Vincent pulls out a block, it will cause other blocks to transform into different types. If you learn to take control of Damuzid's spell when he casts it and intentionally pull blocks until you get the spring one then this Stage can be a cake walk. You only have the added worry of monster blocks and meteors catching you while dangling outside of a block but once you get passed that this Stage is not so bad. Easy to beat, difficult to get gold on however. Click HERE for a strategy guide on dealing with Damuzid.

[228] I can't seem to avoid the meteors on Stage 9-6 they are giving me tons of problems when I get so close! Help?
There is a trick to this. Primarily meteors won't hit you unless you have just pulled out a suspended block or are shimmying around one to the outside. So during the section of Stage 9-6 when meteors begin to fall make sure you hold position before pulling out a block, wait for a meteor to fall, then make your next move quickly. Usually there won't be more than one meteor on screen at once so when you see one falling make sure it's not from above before making your next move. Try to make moves as the meteor falls past you for safer moves. Then once it's off screen wait again, let if fall, move, rinse repeat.

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