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[229] Is there a list of the puzzle techniques(from the Landings) I can use to get better?
Yes. Most of the more important techniques become instilled in players after a while regardless. However, sometimes you may forget some shared with you at the Landings so if you need a refresher there's a full list of them that can be found HERE.

[230] What happens once I get a Game Over with no retries left? Do I have to start a new
No. You will simply have to load up your last saved game.

[301] Is Catherine an easy 1000G?
No, although 800G of it is fairly doable. The most difficult portion of Catherine comes from getting gold prizes on all Stages with difficulty set to Hard and Babel Mode. Aside from those the other achievements can be obtained in time with the use of the Achievement Guide located in the forum.

[302] How long does it take to get 1000G in Catherine?
Time required to 1000 Catherine largely depends on the players skill involving puzzles. Most of the Golden Playhouse related achievements(Conquer Stages, Endings, Beer tips, patrons, etc.) can be done in 3 playthroughs which could take up to 25-30 hours. However gold prizing all the Hard Stages and completing all Babel Stages takes time and skill from someone who is adept at the game. Story only achievements plus the learning curve to improve enough to conquer the harder achievements could total up to 50 hours or more to 1000G the game however this varies greatly.

[303] Do I have to play through on a certain difficulty to get achievements?
There are 9 achievements linked to difficulties. 4 are from getting Gold trophies on all Nightmare Stages in Normal Difficulty or higher (and unlocks Babel stages), and 1 is for getting Gold trophies on all Nightmare Stages on Hard difficulty. The remaining 4 are from beating the Babel stages you unlocked from the first 4. All the other miscellaneous achievements will still unlock, difficulty won't matter.

[304] Do the miscellaneous achievements still unlock on Easy difficulty?
Yes, although you won't be able to unlock any Babel stages though on Easy which also net you achievements.

[305] How many endings are there? How do I get them all?
There are 8 endings, though you only have to play through the entire game 3 times if you do some save game management at the end of the game. Your ending depends on your Karma Meter (Law/Chaos/Neutral) and the answers to the last set of confessional questions at the end of the game. Refer to HERE for help on each one.

[306] How can I get my Karma meter in the middle for the True Freedom Ending?
Following a guide for the Confessionals and Phone Mail is a good way to balance this out. Just keep in mind where your meter is at all times -- if it seems to be heading into Order, focus on some Chaos answers in the confessionals to bring it in line. Keep in mind if you're just speed running the game to get the True Freedom ending, you can ignore all the texts, which makes Confessionals the only real source of alignment changes.

[307] The patrons I am trying to help at the Stray Sheep keep dying!
This is a prickly achievement; it requires you to answer sets of questions in a specific way (generally encouraging), and talk to the patrons every chance you get. It also involves talking to all the random sheep on the Landings, and encouraging them as well. The easiest ways to miss people are when they come in late to the Stray Sheep. For example on Day 3, both Morgan and Todd/Archie come in late. Archie comes in late on Day 4, Morgan comes in late on Day 5, and Anna comes by herself on Day 6. They all need to be talked to at least once. If everyone shows up on the Landing of 7-4, you're home free. There is a list of all characters and their schedules that can be found HERE plus a guide to saving them all located HERE.

[308] How can I get 20 text messages sent? I never seem to get that many.
Keep in mind that in almost all cases, a positive response (based on who you're talking to) will get you another text to respond to. All in all, there are 25 possible texts you can respond to, so it doesn't leave you a lot of room to miss things. Make sure you act Law-like with Katherine texts, and Chaos-like with Catherine texts: there is a full guide HERE.

[309] When do I start to get the drinking achievements? Do I have to do it every day?
You can start drinking on Day 2, and you have to get one trivia for each of the four drinks every day (Day 2 - 8). All four achievements will then unlock on Day 8. The trivia pops up after you empty your glass, which is three sips. Don't worry -- time doesn't advance while you drink.

[310] How do I get the achievement for not going home?
You can get this on a few different days: the first day is Day 5. It's very easy to get, as long as you never leave the bar before it closes down for the night. There is always a way to pass time: talking to Boss or your friends multiple times, along with everyone else will easily catapult you past Stray Sheep's hours. Once your buddies are the only patrons left at the bar take a seat with them at the booth and speak to one of them. There will be an option for you to say "Be careful" that you can select and net you the achievement.

[311] Babel. Come on, what is with this, it's ridiculous! How can I beat it?
Unfortunately, there's nothing a guide can help with on Babel. All the levels are randomized, so it truly is a test of how good you are with the puzzle mechanic of Catherine, and thinking on your toes. There is no undo, so try to get some practice in Hard mode before attempting it. If you find yourself stumped by any of the Babel Stages then you can always play in Pairs with a friend or by swapping controllers, this supposedly decreases the amount of steps needed to complete each Stage plus block drops are easier to deal with. Vivid Gamer also has some nice strategies for each Babel Stage which can be found HERE.

[312] How many factoids are there for each alcoholic beverage?
There is a total of 7 factoids for each drink but you can only get 1 per drink a night. Starting on the 2nd Day you can start getting beer tips all the way up until the 8th Day. Any further drinking will only result in Erica/Boss asking if you want more to drink.

[313] How exactly can I get a gold prize in a stage? What are the factors?
A number of things influence your final score upon completing a stage. There's your step multiplier which is the total combo of blocks you jumped without letting your fuse run out. There's the Enigma coins bonus that you get from collecting them throughout the stage. And finally your safety bonus which is based on the difficulty you are playing on. This is important to know when going for the gold prizes on all stages on Normal and Hard difficulty. Skipping Normal difficulty and getting all gold prizes on Hard first will unlock "The Golden Child" and "Taking on the Gods" if you want to save time, since they stack! For more info on scoring click HERE.

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