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[314] Will the game save my gold prizes if I quit in the middle of "re-challenging" a
Nightmare Stage?
No. You must complete all floors of that Stage when re-challenging it in order for the gold prizes to count. This can be troubling when trying to gold prize all the phases of Stage 9 as there are 6 total spheres you must do in one sitting or else you must start all over! There is also the option of just leaving your Xbox 360 on idle and coming back to the puzzle when you're ready. Just make sure you don't return to the bar before finishing the final floor/phase of a Stage when gold prizing everything or else you will have to start from the first floor next time you challenge again with all gold prizes forfeited. To avoid this issue, one could always play the Stage 9 spheres from the Golden Playhouse and make saves in between to avoid having to do them all in one sitting.

[315] Do achievement tallies carry over to other playthroughs?(e.g beer tips, texts,etc.)
No. The only things that carry over are jukebox songs, total time played, Rapunzel progress, and gold prizes won(difficulty dependent). Upon starting a New Game everything else is reset.

[316] I can't seem to get Bomberlamb, I Can Fly, etc.
Block related achievements may take a few attempts before unlocking. Going for them on Easy difficulty tends to be the easiest solution for novices. The most ideal Stage to do "Bomberlamb" would be on level 6-2 on Easy difficulty. Soon after the first checkpoint is reached, you'll run into a tower (about 4-5) of spring blocks. Move one over to be able to spring onto the top of the main wall you need to climb. On top of the wall there will be a bomb block. Light it, and then wait for it to explode. Under one of the newly made crumble blocks, you'll notice a superchared bomb block (one with higher explosion radius). destroy the crumble block and fall onto this bomb block. Let it explode and "Boom" more than 15 blocks should explode. You can also get this while going for "The Golden Child" as some of the later Hard stages give you many opportunities for this if you're patient in waiting for this achievement. There's a video of Bomberlamb being done that can be found HERE.

"I Can Fly" is easier than most people think. The common error made while going for this is that most players grab on to a ledge after their third jump which usually voids the achievement. So at Stage 5-1 Quadrangle, hit 3 of the spring blocks that appear earlier into the stage and be sure not to grab onto a ledge after your third jump. You can also simply pull two spring boxes together and alternate jumps between them to net this achievement. See it being done by clicking HERE.

"Have An Ice Day" is easily obtainable on any Quadrangle stage but 5-2 seems to be most convenient. All you have to do is push an ice block over the length of 5 other ice blocks. Plenty of situations are creatable by just looking around. There's a video of this being done by clicking HERE.

[317] Can I unlock the block-related achievements in Rapunzel?
The achievement description states for the block-related achievements that it can only be unlocked under Golden Playhouse mode. Although Rapunzel is a game that the you can play while in Golden Playhouse it's not yet confirmed if some of the block achievements like Push It to the Limit will unlock while playing Rapunzel.

[318] Okay, Hard mode and Babel are way too difficult! How do I get better?
There is no mode where you can practice, however with time you will improve. Most of the Hard mode puzzles simply require memorization once you figure out how to solve them. Video walkthroughs can be a life safer if you ever get stuck at certain points on what to do next for certain stages. By watching video walkthroughs you can learn new techniques to help you along the way to improve your climbing abilities. Babel is rather different as the only memorization that can be used there is that of the techniques you know. It's more of your ability to respond to predicaments whenever they arise. There are also video runs of people completing Babel which can help you learn techniques to respond to more situations. Click HERE for a video guide of each Babel Stage. The more you play and learn the game the better you get with time. Be patient.

[319] How do I beat the _____ Babel Stage? They keep giving me crappy setups!
The thing about Babel is the setups you usually receive are based on how you make your way to the top. Babel is considered not so much random but non-preset as there are some consistencies in each of the Stages. When you collapse a side of blocks because you left gaps this could leave whatever was dropping below uneven and make things even more difficult for you. That's why it's vital that the player uses the right thumb stick to look above and see what they're dealing with before making moves. You can also keep hitting restart if you don't like the drops they give you from the start until you find something you can work with feasibly. Playing in Pairs instead of Single decreases the amount of steps needed to complete some Babel stages, however you will need an equally skilled friend to avoid ruining things for you. Babel is one of those things you must repeatedly play until you get a grasp on things. There are tips that were recently posted for each Babel Stage that can be found HERE. It's frustrating, but with enough time you will get better. For extra help with Babel click HERE.

[320] In order to unlock Everyday Hero do I have to save all the patrons in one play through?
No. Since the achievement actually unlocks once you have unlocked all the other individual patron achievements for saving them, you don't really have to save all 5 of them in one playthrough. On your second playthrough you are free to save whichever ones that died in your initial playthrough(while ignoring the ones you saved from the previous one and let them die) and it will still unlock.

[401] What is a karma meter where is it located?
Your karma meter is a red/blue morality bar that represents what alignment you stand in based on various decisions you make in the game. The karma meter is broken up into 3 sections, a red zone on the left representing Chaos, a blue zone on the right representing Law and a clear zone in the middle representing Neutrality. It will pop up at the lower right hand side of the screen every time you make certain choices when answering questions in conversations, confessionals, and text messages. Based on where it stands towards the end of the game dictates what type of Endings you get upon completion of the game.

[402] How do I get a "Law"/"Chaos" rating for my answer at the confessionals?
You must answer the questions accordingly to at confessionals to the alignment that the answer supports.(e.g Does life begin or end with marriage?) Replying with "It ends" will grant you more Chaos alignment whereas answering with, "It begins" will put you over towards the Law alignment.

[403] I'm about to do my 1st playthrough. What decisions should I make?
This is entirely up to you. Catherine is all about the player making decisions based on where they would like to take the storyline. For achievement purposes it is recommended that you go with Law based choices to net you more achievements in your first playthrough. There is plenty of time to do a Chaos and Neutral run in future playthroughs.

[404] How is the _______ confessional question considered Law/Chaos?
Law and Chaos is often looked at as Good and Bad, but this is a common misconception. Law is more along the lines of order, rationality, and balance upon a disciplined society whereas Chaos is more of the opposite. For a list of all the Law and Chaos answers to confessionals click HERE.

[405] Is there a way to check your karma alignment through command?
No, there is no way of voluntarily checking your alignment through command. Keep track of your alignment and make sure you don't make any hasty decisions when going for certain Endings.

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