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Originally Posted by Darth Maleval View Post
I've tried The Scrap Yard about 50 times and cannot get first prize. I just don't see how it's possible. At the most I have gotten only 80 items by the time 25 seconds rolls around. This is the only proving ground I have not beaten.

How in the world is this done? What is the trick?
As you said in the OP, the best strategy I could find was to try and aim your movement so that you have a pattern of rolling through the light stuff, smashing the heavy stuff, then rolling through the next patch of light stuff, smash etc. etc. So that you're never hammering more than once or twice in the same place. Still took me about 10-15 tries, but once I got an eye for the path that yielded the most destruction with the fewest hits, it got a lot easier. If I remember correctly, the Narrator actually mentions something about workers planning out a path, so I took that to be one of those subtle clues. Good luck, other than the pistols this was easily the biggest pain in the ass of the trials.
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