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[507] Which Endings should I go for first?
This is entirely up to the player based on the decisions they make. Let it be noted that there you can get up to 4 endings for your first playthrough by following either the Law or Chaos alignment. Law is recommended as it's easier to obtain the Everyday Hero achievement if you're into getting achievements.

[502] Can I view the Endings at any time upon seeing them?
Unfortunately, no. There is no Gallery mode in Catherine. There is a fair alternative you can do by making 8 game saves at the Empireo at 9-1 and making the confessional choices for each save per ending all the way to 9-5 then saving from there. This way you can defeat Thomas Mutton and see any of the 8 endings you want. Catherine Endings can also be viewed on Youtube.

[503] Why can't I get Catherine/Katherine's True Ending? My karma is in the appropriate alignment!
For the True Endings it is required that the player is 100% in the particular alignment(be it Law or Chaos) in order to unlock the True Ending, not 1/2 or 3/4 of the way. In other words, for Catherine's True Ending your Chaos need to be 100% with the dial pointed all the way to the left, no less. For Katherine's True Ending your Law needs to be 100% with the dial pointed all the way to the right. If you don't meet these requirements but choose the correct confessional answers (for the True Endings) during the Stage 9 Landings then you will receive the respective Normal Endings instead.

[504] How do I get the _______ Ending?
Each Ending for Catherine has specific requirements. First of all you must be a specific alignment(Karma meter pointed in the Law, Chaos, Neutral zone, etc). Then, once you reach Stage 9 you must answer each levels confessional questions a certain way, Stage 9-1's doesn't matter. There is more than one way to get each Ending by making various choices. For a list of the required decisions to make for each ending go HERE.

[505] How many playthroughs does it take to get all 8 Endings?
A minimum of 3 playthroughs are needed to obtain all 8 endings. You can use each playthrough to focus on each alignment: Law, Chaos, and Neutral. There are 3 endings that require you to be in the Law alignment, 3 for Chaos, 1 for being Neutral, and another ending that requires you to be either Law or Chaos but by making specific choices in the later confessionals. By making a save at around Stage 9-1 under each playthrough alignment, you can obtain all 8 endings.

[506] How do I know what I need to say throughout the game to get the _____ Ending?
There is no specific choices you really need to make throughout the game to get a desired ending other than keeping your karma meter in whatever alignment is necessary to get the ending. The only hefty choices that dictate what ending you receive are at the confessionals from the last 5 phases of Stage 9. In simply comes down to whatever alignment you are at after the 8th Day when you leave the Stray Sheep. So it basically comes down to sticking to choices that will put you over to whichever alignment you need to get the ending you want by the time you reach Stage 9.

[508] Are any of these Endings the "True" conclusion to Catherine?
Not necessarily. There is no True "canon" Ending to Catherine as the game is not even part of a series with any following. The most logical "True" ending would probably be considered to be Katherine's True since it is most ideal and Lawful.

[601]Katherine or Catherine?
This is a matter of opinion and relates to the player's personal taste. This may however reflect what decisions the player makes on their first playthrough based on the Catherine they favor more.

[603] So why sheep? Is it symbolic for something?
Sheep play a large role in the mythology and environment of the game. From the literal form men in the Nightmares take, to the often-cited 'herd' mentality that goes with living a life of Order instead of Chaos, references are everywhere. Sheep were chosen as the vehicle for the narrative for a number of reasons, as it fits many common themes to the game: 'sheep' and their relation to 'sleep', the idea of sheep going astray much as the characters do, and the thought that in order to live a normal life like others, you have to stay within the herd. Sheep mindlessly follow, and require a shepherd to guide them properly, or they'll follow each other off a cliff to their death, as one sheep on a Landing stated. It's easy to see the symbolism of that within humanity itself, especially when viewed through the eyes of the god that created this entire trial. The fact that each victim on the Landing sees themselves as the only human in a crowd of sheep speaks volumes to human nature, and how we can fool ourselves into thinking we are independent and free-willed, but in reality are just another sheep in the herd.

[602] So what's the deal with Erica? She's a what?

By getting certain Endings the player is revealed multiple things about Erica, however you see other accounts throughout Golden Playhouse as well. See HERE for more information.

[603] Will Catherine be getting any DLC?
No. Being a Japanese ported puzzle game it is very unlikely. Atlus has probably already moved on to other projects.

[605] Can I still get the Love Is Over package or is it too late?
Gamestop usually won't sell pre-order bonuses that were not used, they are usually sent out to other shops who need them. Your best bet is Ebay, Amazon or other online retailers.

SPECIAL THANKS: Goes to Saruthelemur for assisting me with this FAQ. Without you and your wikia posts this would not have been possible! If there are any known questions that you would like to have answered, let me know and I'll add it to the FAQ! Thank You.

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