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Originally Posted by Stewie Griffin2 View Post
Yes, because critics, people just like you and me, are always a good meter to rate games. You can take them into account, but just because some dude that writes for a magazine says a game is good or bad doesn't mean that's the end all, be all. For an example, the most recent Transformers game got terrible reviews, but most of the people I talk to that have played it enjoyed it as far as a one-two playthrough game. Homefront got destroyed by most people, but there are still a lot of people that loved the campaign, even though it was so short.

The point isn't that GTA IV was good or not (which it wasn't even as good as the last 3, by the way), it's that your option in the poll was dumb. You left no option for people that loved the game, but like another one better. You went from "Best ever" to "It was okay". If you loved GTA IV, good for you. I'm glad you didn't feel like you wasted 65 bucks like I did, but that doesn't mean that anyone else likes it, and the simple fact that you try to even put it in the same class as a game like FO3 is absurd.
Often it's best to trust the reviews especially when a game is almost unanimously critically acclaimed all across the board. Remember theres often a reason why critics for different forms of entertainment are still around, it's because they know what the hell they're talking about. If after all the reviews for a film are sent in such as The Godfather and it has a 100% on rotten tomatoes or a game like GTA IV that also has an average of 98% after all the reviews, you think there might be a chance that that movie or game is really good or worth your time? Maybe I'm wrong, maybe the critics are useless fat elitists and the Hangover Part II should win best picture at the oscars this year.

Also I know that I kind of botched the poll alittle but I thought people would be smart enough to figure out that MGS & GTA IV were just some examples.
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