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Originally Posted by Hektik2123 View Post
does anyone know the stage fatalities are, how do you know what stage you are in?
If you mean what input is for stage fatalities, it varies with kharacter, and the ones I can remember that have stage fatalities are.

The pit.
The pit (night).
New York city (where the cars plummet into the river).
Acid chamber (there's a pool of acid in the background with corpses hanging over the pool).
Clock Tower (I think).

EDIT: Subway and Netherrealm have stage fatalities too.

Anyone having problems with the story mode when fighting two fighter against just you? even with scorpion im getting my a$$ handed to me.
You can always tone the difficulty down for Story mode (in the options setting), I didn't have a problem with any of the 2 against 1 battles.

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