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Originally Posted by FeLizP View Post
Nope, this is a common misconception. Everyday Hero actually unlocks once you have unlocked every individual patron achievement, once you have unlocked the last one(in your case, "Read All About It") then Everyday Hero unlocks.

Many people tend to think that you get it for saving all the patrons and if you miss one then the "saved patron tally" carries over(and you can just save the one's you missed) but this is not the case. It is the patron achievement themselves that keep tally for Everyday Hero, not the game save files themselves. Think of Everyday Hero as a(unlock all other achievements to unlock this one) type achievement like you "Cheers to You" it functions exactly the same way! The Japanese site for Catherine made note of this before it was even released in North America.

The English translation can be found HERE. Notice how it mentions that you must unlock the patrons respective achievements to get Everyday Hero and not save them all in one playthrough which is apparently optional. Which can make it seem that they carry over(just because you unlocked their achievement) but they are not. The achievement is the tally not the save.
I see. That is actually incredibly fascinating. But in the end is there any real difference? Something is still effectively carrying over the tally making it so you don't have to save all of them in one playthrough to get the achievement and that is the real point. People are going to be asking if things carry over because of how it will affect their achievements. So in the context of that line of questioning the simple answer is: Yes, bar patrons saved carry over.

The only difference that occurs as a result of the tally not being carried over in game saves is that it affects (or more accurately doesn't affect) the storyline of each individual playthrough. So, regardless of whether you saved a patron in a previous playthrough, you still have to do the work to save that person in every subsequent playthrough if you want them saved. Then the question becomes: If you have all the achievements for saving bar patrons why bother saving them? Does saving them change the story or endings in an significant manner?

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Simply because most people are idiots and don't think.

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