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Originally Posted by bigbear2face View Post
I see. That is actually incredibly fascinating. But in the end is there any real difference? Something is still effectively carrying over the tally making it so you don't have to save all of them in one playthrough to get the achievement and that is the real point. People are going to be asking if things carry over because of how it will affect their achievements. So in the context of that line of questioning the simple answer is: Yes, bar patrons saved carry over.

The only difference that occurs as a result of the tally not being carried over in game saves is that it affects (or more accurately doesn't affect) the storyline of each individual playthrough. So, regardless of whether you saved a patron in a previous playthrough, you still have to do the work to save that person in every subsequent playthrough if you want them saved. Then the question becomes: If you have all the achievements for saving bar patrons why bother saving them? Does saving them change the story or endings in an significant manner?
Don't worry, the whole idea of it "not really mattering since in essence something tallies over" did cross my mind as I typed that post. But when it comes down to it, the achievement unlocks once all 5 patron achievements are unlocked, that is it.

Once you unlock Everyday Hero there is no need to save them unless you're trying to work towards a Law ending but during a Chaos playthrough saving them would be incredibly for naught. Unless you enjoy the dialogue between Vincent and the patrons and want to work towards Law then there really is no other reason to bother with them. Now as for your theory on still having to save each patron the next playthrough when you missed some this actually seems to only apply with Todd and Archie as they are linked together. If you don't save one of them you seem to miss them both every time. Justin, Morgan, and Daniel are all unrelated patrons and can be saved individually regardless of any other discrepencies. How would I know? Because when I first got the game I was only able to save Justin my first playthrough. My 2nd playthrough I didn't bother with Justin and only saved Daniel and Morgan but still no Todd and Archie.

On my 3rd and final playthrough I was able to nab Todd and Archies achievement and then Everyday Hero, I didn't even bother with anyone else. This would make it appear that the patron saves I made carried over right? But it could also be looked at as I got all their achievements so thats why Everyday hero unlocked.

So however the way you want to look at it, whether patron saves carry over or not is up to the person playing. Saving all patrons will regardless get you Everyday Hero whether one looks at it from a "game save tallied" perspective or an "unlock these achievements to unlock this one" perspective. There's really no way to prove otherwise unless you choose to believe the unlock requirements for it.

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