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We all will miss you, old friend. And f**k you EA!

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat was one of the first shooters on the Xbox 360, and gave us console gamers a first glimpse of what Dice would laer offer us through to robust and amazing Bad Company series. While I wish I could go back and enjoy this game today, I cannot, for EA have shut down the servers within hours of my current time. Thnak you EA, for once again, destroying my hopes of earning all achievements (I had only one achievement to go online, 500 sessions) and making another shady move to push people towards your new games, which while good, I would've prefered to play the games I want to play.

Good bye forever! Post your fun, horrible, or just outrageous memories of this game here. Just a departing letter for the game that led to one of the greatest FPS's of all time.
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