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I picked up this game a week before shutdown as a challenge to myself to see if I could bang out all the online stuff in one week. Though I did manage to do that, along the way, I realized I actually quite liked the game and wish I had more time to have fun with it.

Feel the same way about Army of Two. Legitimately playing bounties in Iraq was a blast; now I can never do it again =(

The thing you have to keep in mind is that we achievement hunters represent a comparatively small portion of the online gaming community. I can't in good conscience fault EA for shutting down Battlefield 2 and devoting those servers to more modern purposes. From a business standpoint, I doubt they're going to keep up the servers that cost them money when they have far more populous games to support. It's all supply and demand. There is virtually no demand for Battlefield 2 servers anymore, and tons of demand for Bad Company performance. So where do you think EA is going to commit the supply of those servers?

EA's shutdown policy may have the effect of making me think twice before buying an EA game, but I do know that EA is a company, I am far in the minority, and that companies exist for the sole purpose of making money. If anyone should be demonized, it's the retail outlets, especially Gamestop who should know better, that continue to sell incomplete EA games at the same retail price post-shutdown.
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