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And here is some system info on the whole cast, thanks to Dustloop for this info.

There is also no word if there will be any more location tests.

System Mechanics:
Gold burst - Duration decreased, less invincibility. Easier to bait and punish
Break burst - Hitting the opponent with burst or making the opponent block it gives 25% meter to you
Knockback - When air guarding a ground attack, knockback is increased to make it easier to gain some distance
Barrier guard - Larger knockback on moves with a higher attack level
Instant barrier guard - Knockback is even larger, making it easier to get away

Voltic charge - Gauge gain increased, can chain into sledge hammer if used to guardpoint an attack
B sledge hammer - Can now be held
5B -> 5C now combos against an airborne opponent
6A - Pull from magnetism slightly weakened, guardpoint ability strengthened
Spark bolt - Amount of wallbounce on normal hit slightly decreased
Volt charge - Day 1 combo from sledge counter if an opponent hits the guard point yields 4000 damage

Mantenbou hassha - hitstun slightly increased
jB, jC with no staff - can now only be used once each in the air.
Ikki tsuukan - Now + on guard
San gen kyaku・chun (ground)(followup version) - Changed to be a spinning blowback hit, added corner blowback properties
j.c (staffless) - May be faster(?)
4d - Now wallbounds near corner
Can no longer do glide throw
Can't follow up normal throw midscreen

5b - Speed increased
Magical bomb - can now shoot in 3 directions depending on lever movement
Magical nyanko (cat hammer) - minimum range of hitbox has been improved. Ground bounces fairly high on CH
Magical picohammer - Can now follow up after a hit
Magical bat - Causes blowback to corner on ground hit
Air Persia - Causes fatal counter, ends facing opponent on a rapid cancel
Back Throw - Now properly wallbounds everyone (bug fix yay!)
Mami Circular - Damage nerf (5c > mami circular does 1770)
6c - No longer floats otg opponents

Assault through - Causes corner blowback on normal hit, wallbound on counter hit
Spring raid - Can now combo after it even from midscreen with j.b. Untechable time decreased.
6C - Second hit cancel window reduced. 6C > (throw whiff cancel) > 6C doesn't work anymore
Chain Revolver - Slower overall, more like CS1
CR5C>214D combos in the corner
Various D moves - Can no longer be canceled into specials (drive specials, distortion drives, and astrals can still be canceled into)
CR 6D - No longer moves her forward
6A > 2B chain removed
Optic Barrel - Startup time increased
5C - Startup time increased
j.d - Untechable time decreased
j.4d - Untechable time decreased
Fenrir (reversal super) - Minimum damage down to ~700

6B - Wallbounds on counterhit
j.2c - Now also air cancelable on hit! NOT cancelable at all on block
Can no longer do the j.236a whiff lvl3 trick
2C - Increased proration(?), slightly weakened

6C - Added floor bounce property.
6D - Causes corner blowback on air normal hit, wallbound on air counter hit
j2C - Can now only be used once per jump (no more unblockable)
Cantabile - Now hits even at point-blank range
Can no longer do glide throw

6A - Now head attribute invulnerable
4C - Can now be charged. On full charge, does large damage and chains to Renka
Kishuu - Travel distance slightly increased, now projectile invulnerable
6A - Now wall bounds. Can no longer do 5A>6A>5A

Stargazer - Can be followed up on hit (2A/5A > 6A > 2D)
B, C astroid vision - Paths adjusted
Shooting star - Decreased startup time
Mars chopper - removed some D followups
5D - Untechable time decreased such that 5D(3) -> 2D(3) doesn't work in the corner. Can combo 2A/2B
6B - Slower startup, removed force crouch on hit, decreased hitstun
5cc - No longer combos into 6b against standing opponents
Various D moves - Untechable time decreased
Lightning Arrows - Bound properties removed
Corona Upper (DP) - Can no longer be looped
Parry - Now has a cooldown where you can't parry again.

Nacht Jager - Increased knockback on air hit
3c - Is now special cancelable. Can be emergency teched
Wolf form B - Removed head attribute invincibility
Rasen wolf - Wolf gauge depletion increased
2C - Untechable time decreased

B drive movement followup - Can attack sooner after use
Gasshoukyaku (214D~B) - Added corner blowback. Horizontal range shortened. Can follow up in corner
6C - Now either has same move proration or really big proration
Various D moves - Attack level decreased, hitstop seems to be lower

6B - Now fatal counters
6C - Slightly increased startup speed
j.d - Ground untechable time decreased (TL may actually be faster recovery for Tao?), now wall bounces on counter hit.
3C - Knocks back on hit, severe enough that 236a won't reach
j.8d - Untechable time reduced, can only combo 2 loops before they tech now
Hexa Edge - Wall bounce removed

Tsunugui - Now also usable in air. Now wall bounds. Usable in corner combos
j.2c - Is now a fatal counter
Ame no habakiri - Can be charged
Yata no kagami - Now also usable in air
Habakiri - Damage nerfed

6A - Can relaunch if you hit an air opponent, use 2b/3c
214A, j.214a - Wall bounces in the corner vs air opponent
Can no longer do 2C > 5C
214C - Tech timing is changed a bit, opponent bounces in a slightly different angle
Ice Arrow (super) - Much longer recovery time, opponent flies up much higher, longer untechable time, can combo into 6C still, much less damage after (around 500)
6C - Untechable time increased, near corner you can DC and 2c or 623b
6C - Can no longer follow up midscreen w/ DC 5C. ~>sekkajin > 6C > 2D works

Carnage Scissors - Now projectile invincible
j.C - Bigger vertical hitbox (better as a jump-in)
6D - Floats on hit

2D - Charge speed increased
6A - Now fatal counters
214214D (tsubaki mugen) - Now also usable in air
623C - launches higher, cannot follow up with 2C or 214D anymore. Less untechable time
2C - Less untechable time
5D - Charge speed decreased. 5D charge is now set, it cannot charge more than 1.5 bars (you charge to 1.5, then it'll go no further)
22D - Techable after landing on the ground
214D - less priority ?

5D - Causes float on normal hit
j.d - Increased proration (TL in question. maybe "better in combos?)
C kunai - Increased proration, hold time on hit increased

Gravity seed can be used twice with 1 gauge
5C - Holding the button causes all hits to come out
5D, 2D - Added revolver action into 4B, 6C
Act Parser: Cavalier - Untechable time decreased
6C - Untechable time after wallbound decreased

j.c - Arakune jumps in the direction of the stick after it hits
6D - Arakune's head now has a hitbox as well (it can hit the opponent?)
Overall damage decrease


General info:
5 Guard Primers
Has a dash like that of Eddie (GG)
Relius' theme is an opera. Described as "boss-like"
Drive name: Detonator
His Astral Heat is not usable in the loketest build

His Drive, Detonator:
Use it to invoke Ignis, who follows Relius. If Relius jumps, Ignis floats
Can perform blows with Ignis with direction+D. You may then press D again to call her back
Relius can attack while Ignis attacks
Ignis disappears when Relius is attacked
j.2D, j.6D, j.8D cause Ignis to appear and rush in the direction that D is inputted.

Drawings of his moves (Japanese):

5B: blow with the mantle that appeared in Famitsu
6A: overhead
5C: two arms out of his mantle; cause 2 hits
2C: leaves a gear (?), Anti-air

Command Moves:
214B: Ignis spins around
236C: The punch that appeared in Famitsu
Follow-ups of the 236C (or 214A j.214B), they call Ignis to attack
J.214B: Ignis makes a coup similar to the Carl j.2C
236D: Ignis appears above Relius and attacks the opponent at a 45 degree angle

Distortion Drives:
632146C: a gear appears holding the opponent. Invincible on startup. Relius can move during this. Minimum dmg: 1000(?)
632146D: Ignis attacks with an aura similar to "Volante" (Carl). Raw hit dmg: 2600
236236D: The same super as "Rhapsody of Memories" (Carl)

Location Test Combos:
Midscreen: 6A> 2D> 5B> 5C> 236C > 214A > 5C> JB> JB> JC> 236C > 214A. 3300 damage
Corner: 5B > 5C > 236C > 214A > 5C> 2C> 4D > 5Cjc > JBjc > JB> JC> 236C> 214B. 4400 damage
Corner, Ignis already summoned: 6A > 2D > 5B > 5C > 236C > 214A > 5C > 2C > 4D > JB> JC > 236C > 214B. 3400 damage
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