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did this on my 3rd attempt, first two times i didnt save..

1. I picked Domon(atk and Def(plus hes my fav character ;p)) and Knight Gundam(reach is great after special and his SP is great on crowds easy take over on bases)

2. LEARN TO SAVE after a good portion of field take overs and aces killed.

3. If your going to not avoid multiple aces try getting them at the same time with a lvl 3 SP if no your screwed if they recover fast enough..

4. be ready for a fun finale against the BOSS, no spoilers just try and have lvl 3 ready from the start and slash away.

I had while doing it and didn't feel like a chore knocked it out easy so dont stress just feels really hard because most ppl aren't saving mid game just restarting..

1000/1000 wooooo!
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