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Originally Posted by spxyu02 View Post
Hey there, this game (bundled with the Vision cam, helloooooo RSV1&2 achievements) arrived today from amazon ( You're in the Movies: Video Games), and as I was unboxing I noticed the "PEGI" rating on the front as well as the "PAL" markings (instead of NTSC).

I live in the US; is there any chance the game itself will work on my original 360 Elite (bought and only used in the US). I don't really care about the game anyway, just the vision cam, but it would be nice to play it as it seems as if it's a straightforward 1k.

Just wondering if I should even bother opening the game or if I should just contact Amazon and start the return process (once I've taken my pictures for Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2 that is).

Wow glad I saw this. Just got this same bundle, also from Amazon, yesterday. Hadn't even looked at the region yet, but hadn't opened either. Good to know it still works.

Thanks for the thread... and great timing too!
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