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Originally Posted by Vendetta View Post
Not to mention what he had a month to get those 500. I am so glad I got this shit done 2 weeks ago. Quit waiting till the last minute to do it.
I didn't learn of the news until the prior Sunday. Honestly, if EA didn't have Bioware and DICE in their developer line-up, I would never buy any of their games. They are worse than Activision, I mean, look at Call of Duty 2. That game is six years old! Older than Battlefield 2, more people play Battlefield 2, they shut down the servers for BF2, yet CoD2 is still up. Honestly, EA shouldn't even be selling their games on retail if you're paying for a portion of the game, and not the whole game. I could give a shit less about their whole "We have full rights to shut down servers for our games, we will give a thirty day notice." It's bullshit.
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