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Originally Posted by Minty View Post
The games been out for over 5 years, and you don't have 500 sessions played. It's not exactly like you played it on a regular basis is it? You just want to moan at EA for closing down servers....for a game that is 5 friggin years old.
Yeah, but how the fuck are games like SOCOM 3 still up? That game was in the LAST gaming generation, and yet, Zipper Interactive keeps those servers up. No company should shut down the servers for a game, and then be stubborn as hell and not hand the servers over to somebody else to manage. I also have obviously not had the luxury to be able to boost the damn game until this "thirty day notice" came up and everybody was frantic to max out all those EA games they left in the dust. Honestly, it's the fact EA doesn't give a flying fuck about the people they leave behind when they shut down those servers. They don't unlock the online achievements for those who don't already have those, they don't hand over the servers to somebody who actually care about the game still. Nope. They are stubborn as hell, and is a primary reason why EA will always remain the biggest asshole of the industry.
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