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Originally Posted by Cringer85 View Post
it's actually very easy.

Step 1: running: NEVER run on the spot!!! just go forward and backwards non-stop in small and somwhat quick and nimble steps - you don't even need to run. Kinect just monitors movement, not really the speed of it.
Have to disagree, I found it easiest to jog on the spot and also move your arms backwards and forwards like you are really jogging and get all the bonus gems. You can actually do the whole thing just by moving your arms, but you wont get fast enough to get bonus gems.

Originally Posted by Cringer85 View Post
Step 2: sitting: slide forward with feet and fall backwards with your upper body. like this \_. Stop yourself with your left hand so you won't hurt your butt on the ground.
I have done it by dropping to my knees and also just crouching, so I don't think it is actually that specific.

Originally Posted by Cringer85 View Post
sit down as soon as you reach the sit-marker. Otherwise you will slide all the way outside of the area. You should get highscore every time this way.
You can time it just a little bit after the sit marker to get all the way to the very end you can possibly go without going over, but the max points is 250 so you don't really need to. I agree the sit marker is the safest point but I get bored and play around to test the limits.

Originally Posted by Gunstar Red View Post
On Sunday, the "You won the Main Event two weeks in a row." achievement just popped right when I started the game, having only play the game on 6 days! It's rare when a game glitches achievements in your favor rather than against you.
I had the Same thing Happen to me on a Monday, I just started the game and was going to do the 7th day of everything then the "Victory is Mine" Achievement popped and so did the "Best of Friends" Achievement.
Originally Posted by Astinus, Chronicler of the History of Krynn
History should note, however, that the Light would have been doomed to failure if not for one man who chose to walk in Darkness

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