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Originally Posted by wolvieware View Post
For all the arguments about "realism" as an excuse for all the swearing in this game, to be honest, they did go over the top with all the swearing included, and it just got tedious to listen too. It just felt a bit forced rather than natural, and the dialogue was one of the weaker portions of an otherwise great game.
I massively agree, with all the realism that the game actually purveys (use of suppressive fire, flanking manoeuvers, one shot kills etc) the poor voice acting lets it down big time. I understand that marines probably do curse, but the voice acting in this game makes it almost laughable. As X360A's review says, they seem to be trying to do the "Generation Kill" thing making war more modern and teenage friendly effectively.

If only this game maintained a more mature tone, like that in the most recent Medal of Honor this would be an even more authentic gaming experience.
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