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yessssss! just got my earthworm never dies!! finally: ) tips from me:

1. learn all the shortcuts and know when to use plasma ie unipus tentacles in for petes sake and big cat dudes on down the tubes....the youtube guys walkthrough for this achievement is pretty legit!

2. dont panic! i was on what the heck and choked during the evil the cat bomb that drops all the stalactites! dont do it!

3. memorize the tube makes it wayyyy less stressful

4. major mucus is a little dipstick...if you cant beat the first 2 rounds wout bein touched basically...youre boned so make it a goal to be untouched in round 1 and 2

5. when the andy asteroids start getting tougher just focus and only worry about avoiding asteroids not getting blue orbs (they dont even help you anyway unless you still need the 300 orb cheevo)get as many of those shields and turbos as you can obviously

6. the chicken boss sucks but really all you have to do is stand under the bomb....hope for him to land under it and whip the crap out of the target before he can even move!! the battle in air is a bit tougher because you dont wanna get hit cause the health carries into the next asteroids and petes sake which is tough so maybe watch the youtube guide to learn how to avoid being hit!

7. for petes sake must be memorized or youre basically boned again...the asteroids make this one hard...learn where they are stop pete by shooting him as early as you can and spawn the asteroids and then run left! this works on the first 2 asteroids then you can grab health and let pete fall in if youre in a hurry! dont forget to shoot all tentacles w makes it sooooo much easier plus juggling pete in air is easy when you get the timing down

8. the boss of intestinal distress used to piss me off, then i realized you just whip him as many times as you can! dont even bother trying to shoot him

9. buttvilles beginning can be tricky so again i suggest memorizing your path...stick to the left its easier

10. whip the queen once to beat the game!
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