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Originally Posted by Drunk3nR4d View Post
Ive been a huge call of duty fan since the games first started coming out for xbox. i have wasted 1000's of hours online and have enjoyed how good i consider myself to the majority of the people who play call of duty.. well, due to alil extra cash in my pocket, my brother and i decided to pick this game up.. and well, i sucked at it, yet i was excited. the style in which i played first person shooters was based soley around call of duty gameplay. i love this game, its IN MY OWN OPINION the most realistic you can get in a first person shooter. the first time i went 42-13 on this game in squad deathmatch i got so excited, in which games in the call of duty era, that was a norm for me. i know im babbling on and ii know im going to catch some heat from people who like to talk shit on these forums but i want to make it known that call of duty can KISS MY ASS and i refuse to buy another one as long as they continue to make battlefield games..

thank you
MAN!!! YOU were in the same boat as me!!! I put so much time int oCOD and one day, me and my roommate decided to pick up this game. I knew i was good at FPs however I got my butt kicked all night long!! However, I was so immersed. I couldn't believe how much different a first person shooter could be. Yet this was so much better! When I finally got good, and understood the techniques requred to win, I couldn't put it down. COD just got so mindless and ruiteen for me!! I would start a game, and just do my thing, not changing my technique adn when the game ended I would feel like I was going through the motions!
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