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thats why multiplayer achievements need to be monitored

i for one hate multiplayer achievements especially if the game is a flop, if they shut down servers like in this case they need to come out with an update that changes these " ranked " achievements to something we can get say with two controllers privately.

idk call me picky for wanting even more points when there are hundreds of other games out there, i stopped being a perfectionist after playing fear 1 and seeing a majority of the multiplayer achievements WERE ONLY WORTH 5 POINTS AND TOOK HOURS TO GET!!!!! AAHHHHHHH

my only question is this. if microsoft is so D*** picky about achievement points and will banned you for cheating or boosting etc.. and wont make some achievements attainable after they are made impossible to get. then what is the point of them? am i missing a hidden xbox society where you can use these points for something? i can understand using them as currency then ya boosting will get you free stuff but if its just bragging rights or proof your not getting laid like me, then why not give us the chance to earn them after the game dies?
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