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Originally Posted by Method View Post
This is exactly what I'm doing. Only problem is that sometimes i forget to reset it. Last night I left it running for awhile and came back to over 10000 kills. Man I wish that 65,500 cap wasn't there, this would be sooooooo much easier.

Tell me about it. I had to do 1-1 aprox. 70 times in order to buy all remaining weapons which cost me over 4 millions credits. It was very tedious and felt like it is not gonna end for me but finally got it done under a week by doing that method.

What I did was using Jet (Rank 8), equipped with a missile laucher (Tier 7) *5 homing missiles at once with purple electrical streaks *cant remember what name it was and a Pesticide sniper rifle for Level 1-1. I cleared everything by snipe ants in a blast including first anthill, reached a rally point then fall back to south nearby the water opposite of 2nd anthill. I sniped a few remaining ant groups until 2nd anthill popup. After 2nd anthill popped up, snipe a group of ants on your right then switched to the homing missile launcher to shoot at ant hill. (Dont aim at it, aim a little higher above of an anthill) I rubberband the RT trigger to rack up 65k then go to the rallypoint to make the mini hector appeared. Go back to the position where you rubberband your RT, snipe Hector. Once he's dead, go to the final rally point to finish the level.

Its a lot easier to doing this since you can watch a movie, or do whatever you need to do around the house then come back to it. It will takes about 40 to 50 mins depends on how fast you doing it by the start of the level to 2nd anthill. (It took me 8 mins from start to 2nd ant hill) Hope this helps.

3-3 Level is a bit of problem to me because of Battle get knocked and fell by wasps or metal spiders which result a death if nuke it after. It get annoyed and forced me to start over again so wasted of my time doing that, though.

Personally, this is one of best methods for Daddy Warbug and Lifer achievements.

Pants Party, congrats 1k on EDFIA!

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