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For ranks 1-7, I did mission 1:1 repeatedly because you can get the XP from playing at a higher level without dying as easily.

To reach rank 8 I played a lot of Ditchslap (1:4) REMIX!! If you are unaware, there are 2 scenarios. You will either have metal ants in the tunnel or metal spiders. Ants give 63xp, spiders 72xp. Over the course of just 400 kills, spiders would give you 28800xp, ants just 25200xp. Go with spiders because it takes the same amount of time. **Spiders spawn in the tunnel only when metal ants spawn in the dirt behind you at the very beginning. If metal spiders come walking through the buildings, I would restart.

For Daddy Warbugs: mission 3:3 (using the battle/pesticide plan) you routinely get 36000ish running through quickly on 'normal campaign' in less than 11 minutes. Why don't you try REMIX?!?! In the same amount of time, you get 44400cr. *Important info: you have to get the right bug spawns. At the start, the first enemies must be metal spiders. Then many of the level's bug-waves will be regular ants (but a freaking ton of them!) If you get normal spiders digging up near you at the beginning, restart. Otherwise you'll be fighting a whole bunch of wasps for a lot fewer $$$. Even better, there are NO wasps if you do the correct remix!
Why isn't this game in the Xbox Arcade?!!?

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