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Originally Posted by BML99 View Post
I know what you mean, I hate getting "involved" with games. I have trouble going Renegade in Mass Effect too. Is that sad? lmao.
I'm the same way, I literally can not be bad in any game and enjoy it. It's never fun for me to be mean even if it's just a game. Even though I love achievements, there are many games that I haven't completed just because I refuse to be bad. I recently rented the game Naughty Bear and stopped playing after the first level because the whole point of that game is being mean to other bears. I know that makes me sound really feminine I guess, but I just don't find being mean enjoyable.

Also, I got True Lover, answering everything truthfully. I'm sure that was easily guessed by what I just said about being mean. I had to do the right thing.
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