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[QUOTE=Clarissalover;4429668]I believe I've found out the problem with the second playthrough.

On 8/6, there is a message from Mayuri that is not in the guide. It doesn't have any replies, so you just have to read it. When I did that and followed the rest of the walkthrough, the Achievements unlocked for me.

Playthrough 2: Mayuri

Main Menu > Start
フェイリス:「 PHANTASMの香水」 -> どんな香り
まゆり:「 欠席届け」 -> 夏休みの宿題
まゆり:「大忙しだよー」 -> 補習授業
まゆり:「ちがうよ」 -> テスト時間がおわっちゃうの
フェイリス:「香水よりも」 -> 女の子のシャンプーの匂いとかの方が
This is when you get the message from Mayuri. Just read it by pressing A.
フェイリス:「そうじゃなくって」 -> 超科学的見解
フェイリス:「やっぱり」 -> Check attachment
まゆり:「いま」 -> ありがとう
まゆり:「えへへ」 -> オカリンは優しいねー

I can confirm this was what was missing, looked at the message then followed the guide and the achievements unlocked

Thanks Clarissalover and sanger
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