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Thanks for the list!

As a guitar hero / rock band fan I just did the 'From the Makers of Rock Band' achievement very simply:

Guitar: Hella Good [E][H]
Rockout: Hella Good [E][H]
Sing Out: Flava In Ya Ear (Remix) [H]
Snare: Poison [H]

I did Flava in Ya Ear in break down mode and waited for the move to show up, passed it and waited again. Did the same with Poison. I used a chair to sit on for the Kinect to think someone is playing. Of course I now realise that in some cases some more moves can be done in one break it down session.
As mentioned before, also use the slow down mode to reset the 3 tries-counter. I had a lot of difficulty doing the snare move.
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