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Black Widow of La Porte: Hand Mutilator Section by Section Guide

Ok, so I was a little frustrated by the lack of information on this song and am hoping to provide some information for those who are like me: Not bad at guitar but struggling with this song.

Background on the Song: It is not easy, but by no means the most difficult song out there. I don't think it would look out of place on a list of the top 5 hardest on disc songs in a music game, but it is not as difficult as Through the Fire and Flames or Jordan, but definitely more difficult that Freebird, probably on par with Visions. I would go through the song once on practice mode in order to get a feel for the song and familiarize yourself with the problem sections.

Glossary of terms (some established, others of my creation)
Alt strum: strumming both up and down instead of just down.
Trill: a set of fast alternating hammers between two adjacent notes
Flourish: a short section of hammers usually in a ascending/descending pattern.

Background on me: I am playing the Madcatz Players Edition Telecaster (basically a Rock Band stratocaster with some upgrades that won't help you pass this song). I am able to pass most songs, have all but Raining Blood 5 starred on GH3, so not amazing, but not without skill. Like most players, I was using Hyperspeed 4 or 5 for every runthrough, and 5 on my successful run.

My Star power path on my successful runthrough:
1) Got half full and activated in Serial Solo B
2) Activated at full power about a third of the way into Webspinning
3) Activated accidentally during Super Serial B at half full. Wasn't needed, but really helped.
4) Activated at the tease in Red Hourglass 3A.
Hopefully this will help a few people.
As a result of this path, I was only flashing red when I was forced to activate during the Web Spinning section.

Alternate path (assuming you can hit the chorus Star power phrases and anything easier)
1) Activate after the break in the Serial Solo
2) Activate at time signiture change just at the opening of Root of All evil (the end of Arachnaphobia)
3) Activate when needed during Web Spinning (should have worked back up to half full)
4) Activate during Super Serial A
5) Activate during Red Hourglass 3C

I've included a good video (not me, I'm not that good), but the real way to do this is to go through it on practice. Not only will you figure out the sections that will give you challenges, but you will be able to follow along with the guide in the post below.

I have added the time point in the video to the guide below for the tricky parts, as well as a section of the chart from PathHero, which should help you see what you are dealing with. Don't worry about the blue colour on the chart, it represents the optimal star power path to max out your score for the song. And if you are worried about that, you really don't need this guide.
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