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So, let's start into the song, going section by section.

Hell's Belle
Slow intro, should give you no problems. It contains an easy Star Power phrase. Make sure you get this phrase.

8 Legged Intro
Starts with some chugging chords, has a few alt strums thrown in, but still nothing difficult. If you can not pass this section, you will not have enough skill to pass the song, though it may be your calibration. The end of this section, after the sustain is a star power phrase of chugging green notes and simple chords. Again, make sure you get this phrase.

Serial Solo A & B (0:47)

This is the first real test of the song. The strum pattern changes a few times, there are a lot of fast hammers, and the breaks are not long enough to really build back your rock meter. I found it easier to alt strum the entire section, even strumming the hammers. I was slowly losing my rock meter as a result, but not by that much. If you can get into the break between Serial A and B in the green, you are in good shape. Section doesn't repeat, but is similar enough until the next break, followed by a zig zag section leading into the chorus.

If you are having trouble with this section, or are even entering the chorus deep in the red, you can activate star power to get you through the solo, since you do have enough. It is hard to work your way back up with all the flourishes if you are too low, so it might be best to cut your losses and burn the star power, but do it around the break in the solo.

Chorus 1
Nothing too difficult here, it starts with a star power phrase that you should try to get, but don't be concerned if you miss it. There will be plenty of other phrases (including this one repeated if you are close). There is an alt strumming flourish at the end, but it isn't that difficult. Practice might help, but isn't essential.

8 Legged Break 1
Very similar to the intro with chugging green and simple chords. There is a star power phrase in here as well, but this one you really should try for. You are going to need star power from somewhere, and despite a hand change and some descending chords, this is one of the easiest phrases.

Killer Solo A & B (1:30)
One of the easier solos, but you are still probably not going to master it without practice. The hammers are more on the level of flourishes for most of it, though they do get harder as the solo goes on. If you enterded the section in the green, you will have no trouble, you can just alt strum the trickier sections and get through the section ignoring your multiplier. Do not use Star Power, you will need it later.

Chorus 2
Same as the last one, thought the trick alt strums have changed a bit. Another star power phrase that you should really try for, and it is identical to the phrase in Chorus 1. Hopefully you can build your meter back up into the green.

The opening is pretty difficult, but the hard part doesn't last that long. And it is just some fast flourishes, so you can probably do well enough to muddle through and not really effect your rock meter. The section finishes with a nice break filled with long single sustains, which is another good chance to build your rock meter back. Again, don't use your Star Power.

Root of All Evil 1 (2:12)
Another tricky section with a new time signiture, but not unmanagable. Starts slow and then goes into a long string of hammers. Again, I found it easiest to just alt strum the entire second half, but that might not work for all people. The section ends with a star power phrase made up of 2 sustains, that you really should get, unless you have full star power (but if you have that, are you sure you need this guide?).

Venom Solo (2:23)

This is the hardest part of the song to master. The actual track is a tapping section and the chart was constructed to reflect the speed and randomness of the tapping. As a result, there really is no pattern to follow, just a long string of slider gems. But that is the saving grace, since you can play this on any guitar without strumming, meaning you are never in danger of overstrumming or losing the string and having to strum to catch up.

The trick here is that you can just run your index finger from the green to the orange key as fast as you can, and you will probably do pretty well. The stratocaster's small solo keys mean that you can do this much faster, tough it will work on any guitar (providing you have quick hands, though fortunately, they do not need to be accurate). Using this method on the solo keys in practice, I managed 80-85% accuarcy and a 12 note max streak. In performance, that meant that my rock meter barely budged. I started in the low green and ended in the low green or high yellow every time, without star power. even better, if you do not see a green note or orange note coming up, you can just focus on the centre or that side of the neck.

Root of All Evil 2
A lot of hammers, but they are mostly trills and flourishes. If you alt strum, you should make it through to the end of the section without too much damage to your rock meter. Do not use star power. The end of the section is a star power phrase (one of three before the next really tricky section, which is why I recommended saving your star power for the last little bit), but not an easy one.

Venom Solo 2 (2:45)
By this point, you will think that Guitar Hero hates you. Another tricky section, but it at least starts easy and grows in complexity. The A section ends with a star power phrase, but it is also tricky due to the strum pattern, but hopefully you still have all your star power. Your rock meter is probably taking a hit, but hopefully you are still out of the red.

Root of All Evil 3
More trills and flourishes, but there is a nice break in the middle that should get you to a good spot with your rock meter. The end of the break is a star power phrase, and not a difficult one, so this might be the one needed to top up your energy. Ends with more trills and flourishes. You can activate star power anytime after the break, if you have a full meter, but if you are not at full, wait until you are in the red.

Webspinning (3:16)

This is a zig-zag section on par with Green Grass and High Tides or Freebird and it is *long*. The notes change every bar in the A section and then every half a bar and finally after every 4 notes in the B section. This is the reason why I have recommended saving your star power. Even starting in the green, I was never able to pass this section without star power. If you can, all the power to you, the rest of the song will hold no real challenges.
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