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Chorus 3
Finally, a true break. Fairly similar to the other choruses, but a tricky hammer section in between the A and B sections, though not bad enough to really kill you if you are in the green. The section has another starpower phase, identical to the ones from the previous choruses. Nail it to start rebuilding your safety net (though if you have made it this far, you probably won't need it).

8 Legged Break 2
You know the drill by this point. Very similar to the other 8 legged sections, but a short alt strumming section thrown into middle, though you should be fine.

Chorus 4
Sustains, only minor hammers, really, just a chance to build your rock meter. It contains an easy star power phrase, again, help with the safety net.

Red Hourglass 1
This is a little tricky, but not overly so. There are tricky parts at the end of the A and B sections, but the rest of the section is pretty straight forward. The hammers are simple fourishes, and the strums are just eighth notes. Plus, you have star power if you need it, though I wouldn't use it unless absolutely necessary on the B section, since you will have more trouble with the next section. The C section is the song you hear in the preview, not diffficult, but may cause some people problems.

Super Serial Solo (4:52)

This is the last real test of the song. Divided into 4 parts, the A section is tricky, mostly a long set of zig-zag flourishs, though alt strumming will help, as will your rebuilt safety net, if needed. The B section is all sliders, but not as tricky as in the Venom solo, so you can try to play it normally or do the index finger slide, if you so desire. The C section is eighth notes and chords, but should allow you to build up your rock meter if you need it. D section is tricky and may require star power if you managed to avoid it in the A section, but the pattern is very similar to the first Serial solo. So you might be able to muddle through, since it is far shorter than the first one.

Chorus 5
Same as the last one, use it to build up your rock meter if needed. And yes, there is an easy star power phrase to rebuild your safety net.

Red Hourglass 2 (5:24)
The A and B sections are almost identical to sections in the previous Red Hourglass. There is a tricky transition, but nothing overly difficult. The C section is just some chords and alt strumming sections. Tricky, but nothing that will tank your rock meter, though the transition is pretty long and a little challenging. The D section is largely just 8th note chords, but it starts with some sustained hammer chords (where you strum and hold one note, hammer the second note of the chord). In that section is another star power phrase, so you might get back to usable if you burned your net during during the Super Serial Solo.

Spider Crawl (6:06)

Another slider section representing tapping. There is a pattern this time, but a tricky one, so you might be better off just sliding away with your index finger and keeping your rock meter stable.

Red Hourglass 3
This has a real tease in it. It will sound like the song is ending, but it just keeps going. The A section starts very simple, just strummed eighth notes with a 16th hammer thrown in from time to time, but moves into a tricky hammer and strum section. Alt strumming again should get you through this until the tease section. The B section is short, with trills and flourishes, but not that difficult, so you should be able to muddle through. The C section is a longish hammer section, but not extreme. You can probably make it through with alt strumming, but if you are at all concerned, use your star power. You are right near the end, and it would really be heart breaking to fail when you are so close to the end.

8 Legged Outro
Yes, I said "Outro," but don't relax too much. This is a chance to build back your rock meter, but the pattern has changed from the other 8 legged sections. It isn't more difficult, just different, though they did throw in some 3 note chords to make things interesting.

The Devil Knows Your Name
The end of the song, but not an easy end. 2 sets of 2 fast hammer flourishes, but that is it. The song is over and you are good. Enjoy your achievement.
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