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So far and away from COJ 1 and Bound in Blood

Why? Seriously, why? COJ The Cartel is an absolute travesty on the whole COJ franchise. Now dont get me wrong as I know there are people who will like the game (which is 100% fine as everyone has there tastes/opinions) but to me this was/is such a HUGE misfire. I LOVED Call of Juarez, flaws and all. It had good FPS'ing, got the western setting and mood fantastically, the dialouge and voices were great, and the story (I thought) was INCREDIBLY good and kept me hooked throughout the entire game, fun multiplayer. Then Bound in Blood came out and pretty much improved on every aspect from part 1, basically everything you could have asked for in a sequel. Then The Cartel releases and they take away the western setting (the most important thing that makes it unique in the first place!). The story was nonsense, the characters were unlikeable, the dialouge was HORRENDOUS (not to mention there were TONS of errors in the spelling of words if you have the subtitles on), the gameplay was just very generic, graphics (while runnning on Chrome Engine 5) were HORRIBLE ( how does Bound in Blood look better then The Cartel???), glitches galore, etc.

The only explanation I can possibly think of is that Techland were probably putting all there resources and effort into Dead Island, while Ubisoft made them rush The Cartel. It just really sucks that they take this franchise (which again, I really enjoy) into the "modern" times (BIG mistake) and it turns out this piss poor. I hope this isnt the end for the COJ series. The Western is a place that gets too neglected in gaming.
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