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Originally Posted by Plym View Post
How is this different, easier or better than the way I've described how to do it?
It's not lol. Since I wasn't the original guide person i may as well put something into this thread to help. Dont know if anyone said this yet, but Valkanhyn achievements are fixed. They are the exact same thing as Makoto's. Also Valkahayns deal 5000 points of damage in a combo can be done by doing his astral.
I suck at making guides so I'm not gonna bother posting the pictures/ description I'll leave that to the pro. Also Platinum is out and has the same achievements as Makoto as well. However for her 5000 point combo I just put my opponent into negative state and danger and tried a simple juggle (can't remember what but its in her challenges).

Lol more, I noticed the first time I went for art and collectibles i was still missing some after going through everything listed in the guide, but then leveled up online and got them. I believe it was around level 25 or 30 you get the last art.
Other than that great guide sorry about the earlier post and if you need help I'm here (Also use my method for challenge mode it's weird but helpful)
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