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Achievement Guide and Road Map

This is my first Arcade Achievement Guide, and second Achievement Guide (both for Kinect game, surprisingly), so feedback appreciated. I don't have all of the Achievements yet as I'm nowhere near flexible enough, but I'm working on them...

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3-7/10 (depending on physical fitness, flexibility and size)
-Offline: 11 (190)
-Online: 1 (10)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 10-20 Hours (depending on physical fitness, flexibility and size)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 in Quick Survival, 1 for each Show (to completion)
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No known cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No difficulty, but physical flexibility required for "Contortionist"
- Extra equipment required? Kinect + 1 friend with you

Step 1: Start off on Quick Survival, you will pass 5 walls and get "Give me five", but keep on going to get a decent score in case several people on your Friends List has put up a decent score, once you fail a wall you'll see if you have to play it again to get "I will survive" (you probably won't have to go far though).

Step 2: Here comes the slog, get a friend who is light or strong (for the 2 player "pick up" type walls) and begin going through the Shows, make sure you play each game as you playing both teams as you want to aim for "Want a rubber ring?", if you fail a Show you have to keep on trying until you pass.
During the shows you will see a LOT of the 2 player walls, so this helps towards the "Contortionist" Achievement.
During one of this step you have "Halfway", "Super dry", "Champion", "Teamwork", "All in the whole", "Want a rubber ring?" and "Working team", possibly "Perfectionist".

Step 3: Once you have done all 10 shows you should have most or all of the Show based Achievements, so it's time to slog through the remaining Achievements, which is basically "Perfectionist", "Contortionist" and "Shining collection".
The first to aim for is "Perfectionist", best to do a show on your own and do the entire show without a strike, even though the description says "Finish a Final Round with no strikes", you have to do the entire show.
Next, keep playing Quick Survival until you think you've seen every wall (no new ones popping up), by this time you should be able to pass every wall it throws at you, keep going into the hundreds as the "rarer" walls turn up very randomly (little square block in the corner and bending backwards with leg or arms and legs out), so just keep going.
Once you've passed several hundred walls in one go in Quick Survival, go back through the Shows with your friend in 2 player on 1 team, again, the rarer walls so up very randomly, but eventually you will pass every wall, once you've done this "Contortionist" and "Shining collection" should pop for you.

Yes, this game is a REAL PAIN, and the walls get HELLISHLY DIFFICULT, I wouldn't recommend this game for anyone who is out of shape, or isn't flexible, unless you want it just for fun, but if you want it for the 200gs, then good luck, don't expect this to be easy, and I do mean 10-20 hours, and it won't be an easy time!!!

Halfway 15G
Beat 5 Final Rounds
Finish 5 Shows, clearing the Final Round, these can be solo or against another team, the other team can either win or lose, but you must clear the Final Round

Super Dry 30G
Beat 10 Final Rounds
Finish 10 Shows, clearing the Final Round, these can be solo or against another team, the other team can either win or lose, but you must clear the Final Round

Champion 10G
Beat 1 Final Round
Finish 1 Show, clearing the Final Round, this can be solo or against another team, the other team can either win or lose, but you must clear the Final Round

Perfectionist 10G
Finish a Final Round with no strikes
Hardest of the "Show" based achievements, you must clear the show while having no strikes (failing a wall), even though the description says just Final Round, it must be the entire show if you're not flexible then this will be hellish to get

Teamwork 10G
Win 1 show with a teammate
Get a friend to play along with you, you cannot do this yourself with 2 profiles as it requires 2 people to be in the play-space

All in the whole 10G
Play a 4-player game
This can be done with 2 people playing both teams, so get a friend and aim for "Teamwork" at the same time as doing this

Contortionist 40G
Successfully pass all walls in the game at least once
This is HELLISHLY difficult unless you're incredibly flexible, some of the walls need you to be able to bend backwards with holding arms and a leg up

Want a rubber ring? 15G
Win 10 shows against a human team
This can be done on your own, just play both teams as single players, make sure that your opponent fails if you wish to do this quickly just make the second team fail on the first walls

I will survive 10G
Get ranked in online Leaderboards with a Quick Survival score
Get a higher score in Quick Survival than anyone on your Friends List this shouldn't be difficult as it looks like not many people are going to buy this game!

Give me five 5G
Pass 5 walls in Quick Survival mode
This means passing 5 walls with no fails, not that difficult as long as it doesn't throw the hard walls at you to begin with, usually the first Achievement people will get on the game

Shining collection 15G
Obtain all other achievements
As it says in the description!

Working team 30G
Win every show with a teammate
There are 7 Shows, so you have to finish and win every show with a friend playing with you make sure your friend is flexible, light or strong, and has a great sense of perseverance! The later shows are ANNOYING, the holes can get difficult as one person has to pick the other up.

1000+gs=16 - 1000gs=41 - 900+gs=11 - 800+gs=14
400 games=4
200 games=8
50 games=4
W8 games=4
WP games=67

40k 28-09-2009; 50k 31-07-2010; 60k 29-09-2010
70k 27-12-2010; 80k 07-02-2011; 90k 31-03-2011
100k 18-05-2011; 110k 29-06-2011; 120k 19-09-2011
130k 25-02-2012; 140k 03-03-2013; 150k 06-08-2013
160k 22-03-2014; 170k 17-08-2014; 180k 04-01-2015
X360, X1, W8.1, WP7.5/8.1& Android
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