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Q: What kingdom is made up primarily of slimes and molds?
A: Protista

Q: What territory originally included all of Idaho and Washington, as well as parts of Montana and Wyoming?
A: Oregon

Q: What 18th century art style first broke away from classical art, presenting people realistically, with all their flaws?
A: Baroque

Q: What part, at the end of the a book, wraps up loose threads left from the narrative, including the future of the characters?
A: Epilogue

Q: What is the Ohio River's largest tributary?
A: Tennessee

Q: Ferdinand Magellan and Chris Columbus sailed under the flag of which country?
A: Spain

Q: How many decimal places would you have if you multiplied .802 X 4.21?
A: 5

Q: Which large North American island is a province of Denmark?
A: Greenland

Q: What would seventy-two hundredths be in decimal form?
A: .72

Q: What planet has a year of only 88 days?
A: Mercury

Q: What famous papers, that argued for a strong centralized government, was written by Adams, Jay and Hamilton?
A: Federalist Papers

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