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Not sure if anybody here may think this is the cause. But did anybody skip the credits upon completing the game? I skipped them during my first MK1 playthrough and I didn't get the achievement. Playing on my second run for MK1 on Normal diffculty(just like before) and hoping for the best this go round for it to pop.

If anybody who HAS the achievement can tell me when exactly it pops that should help as well to confirm if you need to sit through the credits or not for the achievement to unlock. Obviously if it's suppose to pop after beating Shang Tsung then the achievement must indeed simply be bugged.

By the way, if anybody is having trouble getting through MK1 pick Liu Kang and spam his Fireball(Forward, Forward + X). It comes out quick and recovers fast and the CPU usually jus stays crouched or blocks at a distance. Don't rely on this method 100% of the time but it's a good method to use against most opponents. Jump kicks work well also in between that.

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