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Originally Posted by shockerizgod View Post
any tips on beating the comps?? lol seem to spam a lot
Use scorpion and spam X then His Spear and Uppercut, this worked for me on most- Shao Kahn UMK3 Also use Scorpion and Try to get a Uppercut then sprint towards him spam A whilst hitting back You should spear him then uppercut again Rinse/Repeat

Shang Tsung-MK1 use the Scorpion X spam i mentioned Above-Make sure to make good use of spear against Shang Tsung

Also in MK2 If you have trouble with Shang Tsung Use Jax and spam his X punch if you get it right the character wont make contact but he will take damage regardless and not attack back

This Worked For Me
Best of Luck

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