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Originally Posted by Dusty2010 View Post
Reading some of these posts is hilarious. Clearly not many of you played MK back in the day. I remember getting absolutely raped by Kabal within 10 seconds not even being able to land a punch. Goro in MK is by far the hardest ever fight in any MK series. Y'all think Shao Kahn in MK9 is hard lmao the guy is a piece of cake compared to him in MK2.

The MK and MK2 move sets are limited so ofcourse there is spam.

MK was always hard as shit. Y'all wanna fight Noob Saibot in MK2? Win 50 matches in a row

I, for one, dont care that I get whupped as I know im not the best at it. My main problem is when i finally beat MK1 after hours of gameplay and frustration, not getting my achievement
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