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Originally Posted by Drucifer82 View Post
An easy 2,000 if you played the standard release and goty.
an easy 5000 if you could be bothered to track down the japanese version and the two pc versions :P

Originally Posted by ozzdog12 View Post
They seem more varied. I like the NGPlus, having ran through the original 3 or 4 times, this will come naturally. However, I WILL NOT get the 50 hit combo, the best I ever did in AA was 48 twice. Just by looking at the original 1000, I will get prob 800 range. Plus if the episodic content stuff that Kevin Conroy was talking about is true, we could see up to 1700, which I wouldn't mind at all

i just liked the fact that in a single playthrough (with maybe an hour or two tacked on the end for getting hte last few riddles) you could get all the achievements.

this way ill play through the game on hard, then take an hour or two to get the last few riddles....

and hten have to run through the main story on easy as fast as i can just to get hte last few achievements... waste of time if you ask me. obviously this is a *bit* premature but i dont see what purpose it really has??

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