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Achievement Guide and Road Map

Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
Offline: 11 [175g]
Online: 1 [25g]
Approximate time: 5-6 hours (Multiplayer may take longer if you can't find a partner easily)
Minimum number of play-throughs needed: 1 minimum, 2-3 likely
Missable achievements: No
Does difficulty affect Achievements? No difficulty setting
Unobtainable/glitched achievements?: None

Welcome to my Ugly Americans: Apocolypsegeddon achievement guide! If you are a fan of the show Ugly Americans you will definitely enjoy this twin stick shooter. As the writers of the show have penned this game all of the humor of the show has made it into the game as well. As one of 4 characters from the show; Mark, Callie, Leonard and Grimes you are charged with saving the world from a demon rock star and stopping the End of Days. Each character has different stats and attacks that they favor adding a bit of flavor to tried and true twin stick shooter genre. Callie, Leonard and Grimes all feel pretty powerful when you pair them up with the right weapons while Mark always feels like a support character.

This game is a pretty easy 200 and doesn't feature any achievements that are too difficult to earn. There are a few collectibles including many weapons and 8 hidden case files but it's not too overwhelming at all and they should all come pretty easily if you're exploring the levels.

The only real caveat I feel I should mention is once you hit the max level of 60 you will lag hardcore in multiplayer and offline games(Thanks waxc3 for mentioning it happens offline as well). It's easy enough to switch to a different character for multiplayer, but if you hit level 60 for all characters be prepared for a lot of lag. So without further ado, enjoy the guide!

Achievement Guide:

Embrace Diversity - 25G
Complete the game in an Xbox LIVE multiplayer session.

Embrace Diversity requires you to complete each level of the game over Xbox-Live with another player. This cannot be a second controller as the game recognizes that you are on the same Xbox. You don't have to complete them in order or even with the same character but you do have to finish out the level, it won't count if the other person in the room leaves.

See You in Hell - 25G
Complete the game using any character.

Simply complete the game as the achievement states. There are 11 cases(levels) in the game and some will give you some issues if you aren't familiar with how the game plays or you are under-leveled. Case 5 in particular was rough for slower characters as the part right in front of the movie theater has many waves of very fast demons who will eat at your life very quickly if you can't out maneuver them. Callie is your best bet here if you are playing solo.

Just some general tips for playing any character, always keep moving preferably backwards so enemies are running into your bullets. If you can't run backwards try to do circles around the enemies. I also found that the homing or area of effect weapons were best for all but the boss levels as you can focus more on moving and less on aiming. If you're having trouble finishing a level without dying you can always level up a bit in a previous level or jump into an online game and try to complete it with some extra help.

We Don't Need No Magic - 30G
Complete all levels without using special attacks.

Completing all levels without using special attacks may seem difficult, but when you're leveled up and have all the best weapons (namely the demon head) it really isn't necessary to use your special attack at all. Just run through each level without activating a special attack and the achievement will pop. It has been confirmed that you can have a friend in co-op use special attacks without it affecting your achievement. (Thanks neeker75)

Demons, The Bane Of My Existence - 20G
Locate and collect all of the Demon Babies.

There are 4 Demon Babies you can find randomly throughout the game after you find Dante in the trash bag at the beginning of level 5. Once you you've found Dante you'll know a Demon Baby will be found in a level if you see Dante's head on the case file in the mission select screen. When this happens the baby will spawn inside one of the destructible items like garbage cans, benches, potted trees, etc. Dante(red), Thorpal(purple), Phoebe(green) and Gustav(yellow) are VERY small and easy to miss if you aren't looking carefully.

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