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Originally Posted by Majica8 View Post
I hate boosters, although don't come across them cause I only play team tac. Thinking of playing FFS just to go kill some boosters.

And I ahte playing against people in the US, how hard is it to find another game in the UK?! Sick of being shot in the head of someone I'm standing BEHIND.
Boosters really hacks me off too. Instant win for them when they get a nuke because they can't play the game properly.

Originally Posted by Sin Sic View Post
Lol, Sorry guys just had to vent. Does anybody else have the same problem occur when they quit a game and it puts you right back in the same lobby you left? I have had that done to me 100 million times, its frustrating, not to mention jacks my win/loss ratio.
Attempt to join a different game mode then back straight out and go back to the game mode you wanted to be in

Originally Posted by Sin Sic View Post
Sometimes I will leave a game, join another lobby, quit that lobby (just so I can go back into the original game type I was aiming for), and it still throws me back in the same game (sometimes). I guess its the luck of the cards.

The only problem with treating search like a ffa is that when I am the last alive, its hard to clutch all the time because it always seems to throw me into games against the highest level of skilled opponents ever, meanwhile my team sucks.

Hardcore is amazing, been getting into it a lot lately for that reason.

Thanks for the tips.
Didn't read that before putting mine on. Should multi-quote :-/

I am not a good enough player to play hardcore. I'd be one of the people who is constantly killed by his own team mates.

Originally Posted by niko da bos View Post
fyi, im using INTERVENTION w. slight of hand (pro), stopping power (pro), and i think cold blooded. any tips would be helpful, as im sure 99% of our sites (COD) community is better at MW2 than me lol.
I think I am in the 1% lol

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