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COJ: The Cartel. Roadmap.

Hey guys, just putting together a detailed roadmap to acompany the achievement guide.

Rights of use:
This guide is for the use of only and may not be used without the permission of the Author or Website Admin.

  • Please be aware that there will be Spoilers
  • Constructive Criticism is always welcome
  • Please keep your posts clean
  • Any help is greatly appreciated
  • Post your thoughts on where you would like to see more info added


-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 44 (885)
-Online: 6 (115)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000g: 15-20 hours
-Minimum number of playthrough’s needed: 3 (1 for each character)
- Missable Achievements: "Clean Shot" "Level 21"
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes - Complete on Hard "Do you feel lucky punk"
-Glitched achievements: None
-Required materials:None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats


Welcome to my roadmap for Call Of Juarez: Cartel. This time around the franchise has decided to take a different aproach to the game by bringing it into a modern setting. The game offers a nice change of pace from the previous games and some entertaining gameplay. The games achievements are fairly easy and wont pose much of a challenge for any achievement veteran.

Playthrough 1

During this playthrough you will be "trying" for all but 4 of the campaign achievements. I will list below which ones you should concentrate on to get them out of the way early. Pleae refer to the achievement on how to obtain them.

High Noon
Did you see that
Texas Ranger
Drive By
Dental Plan
Chain Reaction
Guns. Lots Of Guns.
Time Is On My Side
Rio Bravo
Brain Surgery

Chapter related achievements you can grab on this playthrough if you wish. Please refer to the achievement guide on how to obtain them and in which chapters they are in.
Nail'd It
Bad Guy
Bullet Dodger
Raining Bullets
Ladder Goat
Tomb Raider
Protect & Serve

Also during this playthrough your going to be getting the "Level 21" achievement. Whilst completing this achievement you will also earn "Magpie" "None of their business" "Dirty Cop" and "Amourer"
To get this achievement you need collect the ITEMS and do the AGENDAS. These earn you XP which in turn unlock weapons which are needed to unlock the achievement. Please refer to this guide HERE which was written by Stargate55555 over at

You will need to find atleast 90% of these. Make sure you do every AGENDA because these return a nice amount of XP. If you follow the guide you should unlock the achievement at the end of Chapter 14. You only need to do this for 1 character and make sure you pay attention to the guide because this is a missable achievement.

Playthrough 2

Use this playthrough to earn the "Clean Shot" achievement (If you didn't get it on your 1st) you can restart checkpoints if you kill any Civilians by accident. Just take your time to line up shots and be extra carefull when you Team Breach doors.

Also use this playthrough to wipe up any achievements you may have missed on your first playthrough by using the restart cheackpoint feature or using the chapter select function from the Campaign menu. Again please refer to the achievement guide for any asistance with these.

Note: Remember to pick one of the other 2 characters for this playthrough.

Playthrough 3

This will be your last playthrough (Finally!) and will be solely used for getting the achievement "Do you feel lucky, Punk?" & cleaning up any achievements if you happened to miss any. Dont forget to pick the 3rd and final character.

Hard mode isn't that hard at all and wont pose a challenge for the seasoned FPS player but to make it even easier you can use a glitch which will make you invicible. Please refer to the achievement guide on how to do this glitch. Credit goes to IMxOI for the find.

Multiplayer & Co-op

Nothing hard here, the Multiplayer achievements can actually be gotten by yourself in a Private match. Just set the game to private, instant start and just cycle through the 4 maps to earn the achievements.

Co-op achievements are fairly simple but require 3 live players/friends. All of them can be earned on the first chapter although you will have to play it once or twice for the "Spy Vs Spy" achievement or you can all just leave the game area and the game will restart from the last checkpoint. Please use this thread HERE to look for Co-op partners.


By now you should have all the achievements on the game and another 1K under your achievement belt. Not a very hard 1000 by any means and also pretty enjoyable. If you dont have them all at this point please refer to games forums HERE or the achievement guide for any help you may need.

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