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Help meeee...

Hey all. I am looking to bang out the online achieves. I am in the US eastern time zone, not that it matters I'm on all day anyway haha. Please message me and let me know it's for AAA. Hope to hear from someone soon. Happy achievement whoring to all gt: ShaneKarma.

UPDATE....I was able to get all the online achieves thanks to Snipe777 and Thomas Irwin. Special thanks to both you guys. However I am keeping the game and I will be happy to help anyone with the 5 wins with a created luchador achievement. I just don't have the time to help anyone with the 5 mask/hair matches because u need 3 wins to get your mask back so it will take way too long.

To anyone going for the Long Live Me achieve, make sure you and your boosting partner create a wrestler for all 4 slots to save time. It's 30 less matches you will have to play!

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