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my problem is the lag, even playing through the campaign theirs just random all to frequent moments where ill kinda freeze up for a quick sec then it continues..not lookin forward to this on guerrilla as im gettin shot like a bitch during this freeze or w.e // its def not my connection i have a fat stack of games and never have lag problems ever.

oh oh and anyone have a problem with that one level where you have to meet up with your comrads in the alley, it was either the wall or fire sale. Their is a pickup next to the dumpster to clarify, i had to restart my checkpoint like 3 times cause no one would do anything at the rendevouz, their is a gate that connor has to open and no one was friggn movin, i could see resistance fighters fighting on the other side and i literally waited 10 min cause i thought they were supposed to finish the fight or somethin. reloaded, same crap. got it on the 3rd or 4th . GOD i feel like a tool sometimes when i play this game.
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