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Originally Posted by McGoogles View Post
Level 76 to 100 requires ~4,050,000 experience (that's like going from level 1 to 85!). If you score at least 80,000 points for each KotH session during the 20x experience event you'll get ~1,600,000 experience and will only need ~2,450,000 experience to reach level 100. By scoring at least 80,000 points per KotH session again, you'll get ~2,500,000 experience and reach level 100.

Also, you can search randomly for Social King of the Hill and most of the matches are for boosting purposes. Just pull out your smoke grenade and start swinging it around to signal the other players that you're willing to boost. You'll get the occasional non-booster and bots, though.
Actually 80,000 points is only (I use 'only' loosely :l) 400,000 exp with 20x. Xp in KOTH is the end points multiplied by 0.25, then this number itself will be multiplied by 20.
But yeah, the smoke grenade has practically become a symbol of 'peace' in the KOTH community
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