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Originally Posted by TacticalCrono View Post
Instead of exiting the game, changing the clock forward, and resuming to use EMP (one or two), I found it quite easy to do the following. Worked like a charm for Intermediate and Advanced.

Powerups: EMP, Slow time, and AT LEAST 45 token capacity

1. Start the game, click the initial space and maybe a few more easy ones, if you wish.

2. Use 2 EMPs, as this will help boost the clock up to the max time, then exit out.

3. Change the time forward by enough to get 45 tokens (i used increments of 1 day)

4. Resume game

5. IMMEDIATELY use SLOW TIME, then IMMEDIATELY use 1 emp, then Exit

6. Goto step 3, repeat until finished

With this method, you can easily get in, use an EMP, and get out in about 0.5 seconds of clock time. Plenty of time to uncover the whole board.

I just beat intermediate and advanced speed, thought I'd share.
This is by far the easiest way to get the world is safe...for now achievement. Beat every level fine but was getting worked on the advanced speed level until I used this method and beat the level after my first attempt with 10 seconds to spare.
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