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Personally I used Vanessa. I was pretty good with using her "properly" but when it came to AI rape she had some great tricks.

She has a move in the offensive stance which is < < B+K I believe, she steps back and does a lunging kick. This can be cancelled if you think it'll fuck up and catches AI off guard a lot when they're getting up and when it hits they keel over on counter hit (if not they fall back down so do the move again) - at this point press down or down/forward and P+K+G to do a powerful (and horrific) low throw. Throw 3 of these kick-to-throw things together and the enemy is fucked. >P+K I think is a fast elbow which knocks them straight down and is great to throw out at the start of the round.

In defensive stance she has sidestep P+K which is a body tackle with a follow up mount in which you can hit them a few times. The AI is terrible at avoiding this so mix things up if they get wise to the above.

Just try to knock the AI on their arse and

I got 1000G 4 times on this game, 3 times on Expert. Did Quest with Vanessa, Brad, Jeffry and Akira and found Vanessa to be easiest to use when I needed to spam the fuck out.

Haven't played this game for years though so forgive me if I got the controls wrong or missed a vital move. I just remember those ones being particularly effective.
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