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I'd suggest googling this as this game has a very rich underground group of fans who live this game when it comes out.

Players I'd suggest though are, and this is for a budget squad, chances are you will find better players if you have more money....obviously !!

Martin Liguera (1.2mill goalkeeper)

Tave Taiwo (2.5mill defender)
Patrice Evra (12mill defender)

Cristian Portilla (450k midfielder)
Michael brown (1mill midfielder)
Mohamed Sissoko (4mill midfielder)
Steven Reid (4.5mill midfielder)

Mido (6.5mill striker)
Ross McCormack (3.5mill striker)
Craig Bellamy (7mill striker)

As for young players, give these a go :

Kevin Doyle (2million)
Cardenas Sherman Andres (Free)
Sven Verdonck (100k)
Anton Ferdinand (6mill+)
Aksu Cafercan(5mill)

These are some earlier thoughts, so some might not work out brilliantly, but thus far its been good !

Hope all goes well with your team.

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