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Originally Posted by sanger View Post
Awesome guide. I have almost fully finished the game in a little under 3 hours.

I'm having a little bit of problem with Perfection achievement though. At the end of the level it says I perfected all and failed 0 and the achievement still doesn't unlock. What words count as perfect? I've seen many different words that pop up but not sure what is perfect or not. Only one I'm sure is Flabbed means I failed.
Yeah the result screen is misleading. Instead of saying perfect they should have called it completed.

For the "perfection achievement" every time you get to an action event it puts up the icon on the right side of the screen and under that icon is a green bar that slowly shrinks. First make sure you are on easy as that will decrease the speed. Now just complete the action before that green bar moves too much and you will get credit for a perfect. I think (although there is no way I can be sure) that as long as the word that pops up is blue, you get credit for the perfect. So Perfect, Excellent, Awesome, etc... count. I know "Alright", "So-So", "Pretty Good", "Nice" "OK" and "Flubbed" do NOT count.

I'd just keep playing level 2. It is relatively short and the actions involved are simple ones that are easier to replicate quickly.

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