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Got Gold Rush & Canals 50 done for Horde Master with some randoms (all Japanese guys) in Ranked even though at least one person left each game. Also came very close in Security & River so almost 4 maps finished on 1st day. The achievement is looking achievable now!

Originally Posted by GLOCKGLOCK View Post
I still need parts of 8 maps for Horde Master, (Blood Drive, Flood, Fuel Station, Gridlock, Grindyard, Memorial, Pavillion & Way Station). If anyone is working towards the achievement please include me when you do those maps.
I could help you with the hardest levels on those maps (I guess 37-40 & 47-50). Don't know if you have people who play this game. If we can't find others we could both splitscreen so we would have a team of 4 although only two active at a time. Also might be able to invite some of the Japanese players that I played with.
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